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The Scott family
The Scott Family

On their way to adopting their son Kane, Greg and Jaclyn Scott learned about the difficulties that adopting could bring.  Interviews, home studies, reading heart-tugging stories about mothers getting ready to give up a child, waiting to be “matched” with one of those mothers, hoping and praying for health and success, living through failed adoptions, and being ready at a moment’s notice were all part of their experience.  

The part that became immediately glaring was the “sticker shock” in just how large the potential financial commitment an adoptive couple could be.  Local situations that could incur a few thousand dollars paled in comparison to international adoptions that could reach over $50,000!

While the Scotts were blessed to have friends and family help stand in the financial gap with them, navigating the whole process led to the birth of Kane’s Gift – a way to help relieve the financial worry and burden for couples as they bring home their adopted son or daughter.  

"We are called to care for the orphans and it is our hope that through Kane's Gift we can help others see the beauty of adoption."

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